Analyze and monitor your bio-process

The SNAC is the equipment that allows you to measure the key parameters of your process completely independently.
Developed and patented in partnership with INRAE, the SNAC is a robust and reliable device essential to secure your process.

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Simplicity, responsiveness, autonomy


The SNAC has been designed to give you the opportunity to perform your analyses independently based on your needs. This ensures your responsiveness to the risk of inhibition.

In just 10 minutes, you will get an accurate analysis of the main inhibitors of the digester. In a single analysis, the SNAC estimates ammonia nitrogen, volatile fatty acids, alkalinity, pH and conductivity levels of your sample. The SNAC allows you to produce on-site results quickly while maintaining accuracy and reliability.




Diagnosis, control, security


More than a simple analyzer, the SNAC is a real micro-laboratory dedicated to the management of your digester. The use of SNAC allows a quick diagnosis of inhibitions in your digester.

The SNAC is a connected device that will allow you to store and retrieve your data on a dedicated internet platform. In communication with the supervision system Memo, it will allow you to monitor the health status of your process and receive personalized suggestions for better control.

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Profitability & Autonomy

Reduced analysis costs and no more need for logistics to be put in plac



The precision of a laboratory on site


Process security

Securing your process and helping you control



BioEnTech guarantees the operation and maintenance of the SNAC

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