Biological monitoring

BioEnTech provides an on-demand service panel based on the needs of your methanisation plants or any other industrial bioprocess: on-demand expertise, biological monitoring, prescription, site audit, etc.

Biological monitoring


The biological monitoring of an anaerobic digestion unit is fundamental for several reasons: regularly validate the good biological health of the digester, ensure good digestibility performance, establish performance ratios on the feeding soup, and tend to stabilize its mixing soup to improve the profitability of the sites.


A BioEnTech expert or account manager will be systematically in support of your biological monitoring. This monitoring is carried out by our academic partner laboratories.


Regular analysis of feed soups

Our experts can accompany step by step to optimize the ratio m3 of waste treated by biogas production

process analysis



Prescription and

BioEnTech adapts to your operational priorities: treating waste or generating energy?


Acquire a sustainable monitoring methodology

Ensure that operators are confident in their day-to-day monitoring