BioEnTech provides an on-demand services based on the needs of your anaerobic digestion plants or any other bioprocess: industrial and/or biological on-demand expertise, biological monitoring, prescription, site audit, etc.

Performance audit in wastewater treatment plants


Our expertise is twofold: industrial automatic/metrology and on the physico-chemical characterizations of flows.


This type of audit is often carried out with the implementation of a regular data recovery.

Coupled with effluent analyses, this acquisition frequency allows our experts to highlight phenomena and events that are difficult to see and measure on day-weighted data averages and/or on data histories.


Analysis of biological performance


It is important to acquire a particular focus on the abatement of COD, the diagnosis of the different biological states of the site (stable, unstable, acidification risk), the search for signatures/ specific states.
Monitoring performance over time will, among other things, enable the monthly loss of performance over the period to be quantified, and then minimized.
During the study, we may request additional analyses that can be performed in our partner laboratories.

Analysis of
raw effluents

Understanding the flow and detecting possible inhibitors

Audit of

Ensure proper calibration of sensors.
Propose to install key sensors for more efficient management

Closing mass and energy balances

Thanks to a good knowledge of flows and calibrated sensors


Acquire a sustainable monitoring methodology

Ensure that the site manager and operators are confident in their day-to-day monitoring