MeMo Pro

Memo Pro (Methane Monitoring) is a flexible solution for monitoring bioprocesses, it centralizes all the data collected, and uses them to estimate key process variables (such as the concentration of volatile fatty acids and biomass) , to provide real-time diagnosis of the physiological state of the reactor, to quickly detect disturbances and to propose corrective actions to stabilize and optimize the process.


Memo Pro

The memo-pro software collects all the process data and analysis in real time. It requires minimal instrumentation and can handle data from sensors and those from off-line measurements.

Moreover, MeMo can estimate key system variables (such as biomass or VFA concentration) through its software sensors. These mathematical models reconstruct an unmeasured from other measures and calibrated by our experts models variable.

Data measured by the sensors on the process, we estimated by laboratory tools are measured or on a centralized database. The collected data can be accessed and cross-referenced with the maintenance.

Continuously and in real time, a diagnostic module combines all available information to diagnose the state of the process and identify malfunctions. The findings are shown in a simple way by a red light system / green light.

Finally the decision support modules provide information and recommendations for actions needed to continuously optimize the operation of your biogas plant while ensuring robustness.

Memo Pro brings two major advantages:

  1. Reliability: true dynamic protection in order to prevent failures in maintaining the balance of the chain degradation in the bioreactor through online monitoring of environmental parameters and early detection of the accumulation of inhibitors.
  2. Performance: Improved performance of bioreactors and better control of their operation, some of the size and the technology used (completely mixed, fixed bed sludge bed, fluidized bed).

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