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More than just a monitoring solution, Memo incorporates several innovative features that facilitate and improve the process control of anaerobic digestion. These functions are calibrated and adjusted for each new process to provide the highest level of information and relevance of decision support.


An expert system continuously analyzes all available information (sensor data and recent analyzes) and combines these data to provide a diagnosis of the state of the process (nominal conditions, underload, overload, toxicity, instability). The system setup is made from the history of the process and in accordance with the safety margins desired by the operator. Moreover, the system is able to self-diagnose the quality of its findings and thus alert the operator in case of occurrence of a bad situation identified.

Diagnostic d'un lit fixe d'un m3 traitant des vinasses viticoles.

Diagnosis of a fixed bed of a m3 treating vinasse wine.

Estimation of key variables

Some variables such as AGVs are expensive or difficult to measure online yet extremely useful for monitoring of the process and the early detection of malfunctions. We propose to use mathematical models to estimate these variables from the measurement of other variables measured by robust sensors and cheap. The development of these modules estimate is specific to each facility and requires a validation phase.

Estimation of the concentration of VFA (green) compared to on-line measurements (blue) and experimental (squares).

Estimation de la concentration en AGV (vert) comparée aux mesures en-ligne (bleu) et expérimentales (carrés noirs).

Decision Support / Control:

All data collected, the estimation of variables and their analysis by the diagnostic module will power module support the decision that selects a driving strategy (performance / Stabilization) and proposes new guidelines Flow pH or in applying the method. This decision support system may also include a module cabal control applied to the process modulations feed rate or controlling the pH control.

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