Methanation & Supervision

Anaerobic digestion is a spontaneous process of degradation of organic matter to methane. Intensification in anaerobic reactor technology offers both waste treatment and energy recovery from biomass. The search for new sources of renewable energy has recently attracted renewed interest in biogas, supported by a regulatory simplification and tariffs of electricity from “biogas”. This policy has the structure of an industrial fabric (manufacturer, consulting firms, operators, financiers) and the construction of a large number of biogas plants (more than 8,000 in Germany, more than 200 in France).

However, this biological process is unstable and sensitive to driving errors (overload) and disturbances (presence of inhibitors such as ammonia, salt, …). This has long justified the oversizing of facilities, but the search for a better economic efficiency and the diversity and variability of the treated substrates require to improve the conduct of biogas plants and use them to their full potential while ensuring reliability. The company BioEnTech was created precisely to meet the industrial needs of biogas monitoring solutions by offering a share of computer and mathematical tools to improve the collection of information on the process and assist the operator through automatic tools analysis and decision support, and also the provision of expertise of the process via a tele-remote supervision.

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