Our company

BioEnTech has been created in April 2013 by Jeremie Miroux and Laurent Lardon. Since its creation, the society combines the experience of development and sales for the industry and the scientific excellence in anaerobic digestion and bioprocess modelling.

BioEnTech offers its assistance to design, operate and operate biogas plants. BioEnTech has a extensive expertise in analysis, modelling, instrumentation and monitoring of anaerobic digesters. As expert of anaerobic digestion and bio-processes, we also realize studies to assess biological, environmental, economical and technical details of your projects.


Aide à la conceptionTeam
BioEnTech gathers people with a high diversity of profiles and skills to always offer the best available solutions and products to improve performances and reliability of biogas plants.

service05Our academic partners
BioEnTech benefits from support and the advice of well-known academic partners, the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology (LBE) of the French Institute for Agronomical Research (INRA) at Narbonne (France) and the Project Team BioCore of the French Institute for Research in Informatics and Control Science (INRIA) at Sophia-Antipolis (France).

service06Our institutional partners
BioEnTech has also benefited from of the support of different public organisations and is member of several company and innovation networks.

MonitoringOur expertise
BioEnTech is specialised in the monitoring, the analysis and the optimisation of biogas plants. Our expertise focuses on understanding, modelling and controlling the biological processes involved in a biological reactor.

MeMo ProOur activity
BioEnTech proposes integrated monitoring solutions and on-line assistance for any biogas plant, regardless of the size, the technology and the nature of substrates. BioEnTech products and services improve the robustness and performances of anaerobic digesters.


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